Borvikha Hotel and SPA

If you want to relax your body and relieve your soul from worries and stress of the world, Borvikha Hotel and Spa is one of the best opportunities. Only two hours there and you will feel like a new  man!


The SPA is situated in the outskirts of Novosibirsk, in the satellite town Berdsk on the river Berd. Berdsk is an old town founded in 1716, but nearly all town disappeared under water due to the construction of the Ob reservoir. During the Soviet era Berdsk was famous for a big radio factory, but the factory never recovered after the perestroika, and the town is just a satellite of Novosibirsk, lying only 4 km to the south of the Siberian capital. Its wonderful location on the shore of the river and the Ob reservoir turned the town to the center of recreation and wellness. The town is surrounded by hotels, holiday camps, sanatoriums, and SPAs including Borvikha. overlooks the river and is amidst wonderful pine forest. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation, so it is no problem to get there, though it may take a long time, if you come from Novosibirsk.

Once you get there, you find yourself in the forest, amidst pine trees. If you stay at Borvikha as a hotel guest, you enjoy perfectly tranquil meditative mornings and evenings. If you come to have a swim in the pool, don’t go straight inside, but take some time to walk along the lonely paths and breathe fresh air you can never have in the city.






Enjoy beautiful landscape and, if ordered in advance, a grill area can be prepared for you. After you’ve had enough fresh air, proceed to the swimming pool.


The pool is not big, however it’s good for a swim, and your kids can feel pretty safe in the shallow area. A warm whirlpool relaxes your body and relieves stress and strain.


Visitors can enjoy a hot Finnish sauna and a hammam. The saunas are separate for men and women, so no need to doubt if you want to take your kids with you. Contemplate a fantastic view outside, and after two hours, which is a standard stay,  you forget all the worries of the world. If you want to stay longer, just pay for the extra time when you get out.

There is no need to take a towel with you, you will be given one there.  Just bring a pair of special pool shoes and a bathing suit with you.



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