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Novosibirsk-Glavny Railway Station


If you arrive to Novosibirsk by train, the first building you see is the railway station, and even if you don’t see anything else in the city but this building, you will still see enough. The Main Railway Station (Novosibirsk-Glavny in Russian) is one of the main city attractions and one of the largest railway stations in the country with the total area of more than 29000 m2. Its shape resembles a locomotive heading eastwards.

Annual ice and snow festival in Novosibirsk

Dear readers,

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Winter is the perfect time to launch a new blog about Novosibirsk, because Novosibirsk is in Siberia, and Siberia is associated with winter and snow. So the first post is exactly about snow! And about ice, of course. Well, to more exact, it is about snow and ice figures. Loads of them are built everywhere in the city. Some of them are built by amateurs, in school yards, in front of some offices, in the streets, and others are made by professional sculptors and artists.

The prettiest are built right in the city center by professional sculptors from different cities of Russia and even other countries within the bounds of the Festival of Ice and Snow Sculptures. The festival has become a good tradition, and this year the city hosted it for the 12th time in a row.