Coffee Academy — a different cafe

IMG_1839     Coffee is no longer a problem in Novosibirsk. In fact, there is too much coffee in Siberia these days, and too many places to have a cup of coffee. Besides, there are loads of small ‘stations’ with coffee-to-go. The quality of coffee is about the same everywhere, and the price is more or less similar, too. Is it possible to surprise coffee fans (and I am one of them) at all?

Yes! But it is not the taste of coffee and not even the service, but the whole concepts of places, which are surprising.

One of such places is located Lenin St.

The name of the place sounds like’Coffee Academy’. IMG_1845

Its idea is a kind of innovative for Novosibirsk. IMG_1844Don’t be surprised to see loads of visitors, it turns out that you won’t have to wait for hours. There are two cash desks, and while you order at one of them, you have to come to the second to get your order. When you order, you are asked about you name (or nickname, it doesn’t matter for the staff). I was surprised why they needed this, but I found out soon. When your order is ready, the waiter cries out you name and announces readiness of your coffee (or tea, or cocoa, or a cold drink, all of which are very good). If you need sugar, help yourself at a desk by the exit. You can drink you coffee both inside the cafe or just take it and go. Highly recommended!IMG_1840

Enjoy your coffee!



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