Vegetarian/vegan in Novosibirsk. No problem!

Vegetarian life-style is getting more and more common and trendy, and Novosibirsk is not an exception. There is a common disbelief that one just won’t survive in Siberia as a vegetarian/vegan, especially in winter, and that there’s basically nothing to eat here other than meat. But as an experienced vegetarian (7 years) I know perfectly well how wrong these assumptions are. In this post I offer you a short ‘vegetarian/vegan guide’ of Novosibirsk.

If you are having a longer stay here, opt for renting an apartment and don’t mind cooking, you’ve got no problem at all. An any supermarket you find an enormous choice of vegetables, fruit, cereal, pasta, rice, spices, oils, and lots more. Even the simplest small shop next to your apartment building offers tomatoes and cucumbers even in the middle of winter. In a larger supermarket you will find exotic fruit like avocado and mango.

And the Central Market is a paradise for a vegetarian. The widest possible choice of nuts, dried fruit, herbs, apart from the widest variety of vegetables and fruit, everything from cabbage and beets to broccoli, zucchini and lettuce, all year round! Also: cheese, milk and dairy, spices, lots of sorts of Siberian honey, herbal tea, frozen berries and vegetables, pickles, homemade bread including yeast-free bread, and oriental sweets. The Central Market is easily accessible by metro. Location: Sibirskaya or Krasny Prospect metro station.

If you are looking for something more special and sophisticated like tofu, plant milk (almond, soy, rice, or oat milk), raw bars, raw cookies, seaweed, or vegetarian/vegan sausage and cheese, check specialized shops. Or, in large supermarkets check specialized sections for healthy eaters or diabetes patients. Specialized vegetarian/vegan shops include: Jagannath (Gogolya St.16) and Vegimart (Uritskogo St.32).

If you prefer eating out, basically every place has something to offer. Salads or garnishes are a good choice, but many places are now vegetarian-friendly. Be careful with vegetable soups. They might easily be cooked with chicken broth or even have meat or chicken in them.

The only vegetarian OM Cafe has closed not long ago. This is unfortunate, but Little Infia (Derzhavina St.73) belonging to the same owner, is still there. It offers an excellent vegetarian card!

Bon appetit!



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