Winter Fun in Novosibirsk. Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is one of the everlasting favourites here in Siberia. Everyone who is interested in sports like skiing and biathlon can name a couple of famous athletes born, living and/or training in Novosibirsk. There are a couple of honoured specialized skiing schools and clubs for professionals; and each winter, December to March, a number of high-level competitions, marathons and other events take place here, including 30-km and even 60-km marathons.

The mayor of Novosibirsk is quite a good skier, too, as well as many other local prominent figures.

You don’t have to be a professional to do skiing. Forests and parks in Novosibirsk are perfect for beginners. Even if you have never tried cross country skiing, Novosibirsk is the right place to start. The landscape is mostly flat, with only small slopes here and there. Ski rental is very easy to find, you just have to arrive to the skiing site.

Here are some recommendations where to ski, but there are lots of skiing sites in Novosibirsk and around:

  1. Zaeltsovsky Park. This place is ideal for all winter sports except downhill skiing. You can find at least three ski rental sites here.
  2. Academgorodok (Research town), Ski Camp named after A.Tulsky. Ionosphernaya St.3. It is not directly in Academgorodok, but this site offers the best tracks in the city. this is the site where most of the competitions take place. And it is the most demanding, in my view. Even the short 5-km track is pretty hilly, and some slopes are really challenging. But the nature is wonderful and the snow is always clean.
  3. The 1st City Skiing Site (Первая городская лыжня). This place is a professional site as well, but it’s easier to reach if you are based in the downtown. It offers 3 km, 5 km and 10 km tracks with only 2 high slopes — in the beginning and in the end of them. On Saturdays and Sundays you can treat yourself to free herbal tea, and the pine forest is always beautiful!

4. Pine Wood (сосновый Бор) Park. Located in Kalininsky city district, this park is a natural forest. In summer it is full of runners, bicycle lovers and Nordic walkers, but in winter it is occupied by skiers of all ages. The track here is for beginners and slow skiers.

As well as many other skiing sites. Would you like to try? I am not a professional skier, but I have been doing skiing since I was 2 years of age, so if you need help or a company, I would be happy to accompany you! Contact me for details of your very special skiing tour of Novosibirsk!

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