Winter Fun in Novosibirsk. Sleighing

Sleighing is another winter fun for everyone, though you may think it’s for kids only. But try, and you will never be able to stop!

There are basically two kinds of sleighing: down ice slides and down snow slides; and here in Novosibirsk you can experience both.

Ice slides can be found virtually everywhere, but if you want real fun, go to one of the following places:

  1. Zaeltsovsky park. Or rather, Lokomotiv Sports and Recreation center. This place is perfect for little ones, as its both slides are not big, but it might be a good idea for you, if you’ve never tried that.
  2. The Ob Embankment. Here the whole ‘ice town’ is erected every winter, each time all about a certain theme. Its numerous ice slides vary from the shortest and easiest for the little ones to a really extreme and steep slide. Warming! Be careful in case of issues with your spine, bones, pelvic area or if you are pregnant, but in all other cases follow the safety precautions. Though traumas are rare, they do happen from time to time. And even if you don’t want to give it a try, visit this place. Every winter artists do their best to create ice masterpieces. don’t be afraid of getting cold to death. There are a couple of cafes with hot tea.

  1. Koltsovo Settlement. Located some 20 km outside the city, this research area has a wonderful sports and recreation site where you can do cross-country and downhill skying, skating and sleighing. It offers several slides for snow sleight with a ‘sleigh lift’.
  2. Basically in each and every city park there is at least one site for sleighing, though mostly used by little ones. But no one would object, if you also have a go!

Want to try it while on a city tour? Feel free to contact me!

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